Hello, my name is Jesplin, welcome to my ABOUT ME page.

Deeply personal stuff:
I am married to a kick-a pharmacist.  I have several children.  They are all three male.  I've been writing for ten years.  I started this unfortunate blog because I figured it was time to wholeheartedly join the writing community, somewhat anonymously!  

I don't personally know anyone who writes, let alone anyone who is trying to publish work.  I desperately need some writer-type friends.  Please be my friend.  I'm not gonna beg.  Here are various things about me so we can see if we have anything in common:

1)  I write YA fiction.    
2)  I read widely.  
3)  I sometimes watch whole entire movies on YouTube, in 10-minute parts.
4)  I keep what I like to call "summer hours" at our house--stay up super late and sleep in.  
6)  Long-time obsession: Jimmy Eat World.
7)  New obsession: AWOLNATION
8)  I have a trick for keeping Diet Coke perfectly cold and crisp.   
9)  I am a terrible speller and frequently misspell simple words.
10) I'll add more to this list as stuff comes to mind, so if you haven't found anything in common yet, check back later, yeah? 

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